Remote Desktop Connection for Mac

With Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac, you can connect from your Macintosh computer to a Windows-based computer and work with programs and files on that computer. Mac users who have access to a Windows-based computer on a network, including users on Intel-based Macs, can use Remote Desktop Connection as an alternative to Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac.


System Requirements

To connect to a Windows-based computer, you need network access and permission to connect to the computer. In addition, the Windows-based computer must be running Terminal Services or Remote Desktop Services. The following Windows products support Remote Desktop connections:

á       Windows Server 2003

á       Windows 2000 Server

á       Windows 2000 Advanced Server

á       Windows 2000 Datacenter Server


RDC Download Instructions

Log on to the Internet and visit the following page:


On the right side of the page you will see a small gray window titled:  RDC 2.0 Beta Now Available. Click on the Download Now link.


At the bottom of the page that loads, click on the English (.dmg) link to start the download process.


Depending upon your security settings you may be asked if you want to continue downloading the file, Click Continue.


Once the download is complete a small window will appear that will state:

ŇThis package contains a program that determines if the software can be installed. Are you sure you want to continue?Ó Click Continue.


Follow the Install Remote Desktop Connection prompts that appear on your screen.

(Depending upon your security settings you may be asked to enter your computerŐs password.)


When installation is complete you may close the install window.


Using RDC Mac

After you have finished the installation process you may begin using the RDC software without restarting your computer.


Open the dive where you downloaded the RDC software to (for most people this should be the computerŐs main hard drive).


In the Applications folder locate the Remote Desktop Connection.


*Double click the Remote Desktop Connection application to launch it.


When the program opens a window will pop up prompting you to input the address of the computer you wish to connect to.

**Enter the following: Click Connect.


The Windows Server 2003 Log On Window will appear. Enter YOUR User name and Password as you normally would while on a school computer. Change the Log on to option to STAFF. Click OK.


Congratulations! You are now logged into the network and can access all of your school files from home on your Mac.


If you have any questions or need help, please e-mail FLHS Art Teacher and Mac-Geek Christine Boos, at




*If you wish to add this program to your Dock you must FIRST drag its icon to the dock, THEN launch the program.


**The RDC program automatically stores up to five computer addresses so that you do not need to re-enter them each time you access the client. Simply use the drop down menu to choose the desired address when opening the program.